Situated opposite the David Malcolm Justice Centre in the heart of Perth’s legal precinct, Albert Wolff Chambers was founded in 2003 by Tom Percy QC and Mark Trowell QC, two of Perth’s leading Queen’s Counsel practising in criminal law.

The Chambers are named Albert Wolff Chambers in honour of the late Sir Albert Asher Wolff KC, who retired from the Western Australia Supreme Court in 1969.  He was Chief Justice of Western Australia between 1959 and 1969 and Lieutenant Governor of Western Australia from 1968 until 1974.

Other foundation members of the Chambers were Anthony Derrick SC (later Justice Derrick of the Supreme Court), Belinda Lonsdale (later Judge Lonsdale of the District Court) and Simon Freitag SC.  Shortly thereafter they were joined by Simon Watters, Laurie Levy SC (later Judge Levy of the District Court), Jonathan Davies and senior barrister Paul Nichols.

The Chambers originally focused on the criminal law, over time it has expanded to include barristers practicing in civil and personal injury litigation led by senior advocate Graham Droppert.  That section has grown to include leading Sydney silk Andrew Morrison QC, Robert McCabe, Neil Morrissey and Verity Long-Droppert.

The criminal law section has also expanded to include David McCallum, Roman Kan,  Kathryn Heslop and Justin Podmore.

Albert Wolff Chambers prides itself on following the established traditions of the Bar and delivering first class service at every level  through members with a diversity of practice that enables Albert Wolff Chambers to offer a comprehensive legal service.